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3 Reasons Why a Content Photoshoot For Your Restaurant Is A Good Idea

Why is showcasing your restaurant food in a good light important in today's highly competitive restaurant industry? Here are 3 reasons why you need proper food photography and content for your restaurant:

Instagram is the number one platform for restaurants and it is where more than 60% of people go to discover restaurants. Does your food photography represent your brand and restaurant properly? Does your food photography make the first impression you want it to on Instagram? Will the food photography create mouth watering moments for those that look at it on Instagram? Are you proud of the image your restaurant gives off on Instagram? If any of these are no's, you are in need of a proper shoot.

The second reason for having great food photography for your restaurant is for brand integrity.

Your restaurant brand and message should provide potential guests with a taste of things to come at the restaurant. It should be of the same quality as the culinary experience. You do not want to have bad quality, badly lit, pixelated pictures on your website, menus, print advertising or social media platforms. Having great quality food photography that represents your brand properly will increase the value of your brand as well as grow your guest demographic.

A third reason why you need great food photography for your restaurant is that people eat with their eyes first. You put energy and effort to have your dishes prepared plated to give the maximum visual effect possible. So why not put the same energy when showcasing and introducing your restaurant to potential guests that never heard of it?

Make potential guests anticipate their visit to your restaurant with mouth watering content photography. It is also your best up seller, showcasing unique items to a future guest will result in that guest requesting it at his next visit.

Having a food content photo shoot done for your restaurant can produce up to 200-250 unique images to be used in thousands of different ways. That is plenty to keep your social presence vibrant, represent your brand the way it should be and be interesting to your future guests.

If you are going to invest in something, invest in your restaurant in a way that it will create more guests. Food photography will enhance your brand and make it one potential guests will remember above the others. There is more competition than ever nowadays, make sure to stand out.


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