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Marketing Company for Restaurants

We are an Online Marketing Company for restaurants that care about you, your business, your needs, and your goals! Start your journey with our restaurant marketing experts.

Quarx Digital is a company that helps restaurants by providing them with services and marketing professional that will help make their business run more efficiently.

We offer a variety of online marketing solutions for restaurants, which can include things like designing restaurant websites, social media management, or online advertising. Our team plans a complete digital marketing strategy for each restaurant, which includes innovative design and a detailed plan for marketing the restaurant.

As experts in the restaurant industry, we use our knowledge and expertise to make the best plan for each individual restaurant to help them get more customers and grow their brands.

Our agency offers advertising campaigns that can fit any budget so that we can work with any restaurant owner. We believe in delivering high quality results.

Marketing Company For Restaurants

What We do, How We Help

We work together with you to plan, build, and carry out special ways of using the internet to promote your restaurant in the UK. In the agency, we use tools like Google Analytics to measure how well our plan is working and make changes to it as needed.

Our goal is to make your restaurant business grow, and our services are designed to be cost-effective. We make sure that our plan gives you the best possible results. We aim to drive sales and leads, which will result in more revenue.

At Quarx Digital, we help you make your restaurant more successful by giving you a plan that shows off your unique brand and website and gets more customers to visit your restaurant.

Looking for something special?

Google Ads is a very powerful tool that can effectively increase website traffic for your business. With our strategies in place, we can significantly boost brand awareness and generate thousands of video views.

We use social media advertising to target a large audience quickly, allowing us to reach thousands of potential clients within minutes.

Our approach is based on measurable results and planning; therefore, we can see improvement in online orders within a couple of months, sometimes even faster. We can help your business achieve more website traffic and grow revenue with our effective approach.

Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

Full service restaurant marketing

£ £ £

This is done by using a variety of marketing techniques that we manage for you. We can handle everything from creating content for your website and social media marketing to making videos or promoting your restaurant. By having all the necessary resources in-house, we can save you the time that you would have spent searching for different marketing agencies. We want to help you grow your restaurant's sales and profits.

Our focus is to use measurable methods to track our progress and make sure that our marketing campaigns are bringing you new customers.

We help restaurants succeed by providing them with all the marketing tools they need. Our teams of experts develop plans that make it easier to attract new customers and old customers to come back to your restaurant again and again.

A man is sitting on a giant desktop screen. There is a video and comments next to the video on the giant screen. A woman points at one of the comments with a heart in her speech bubble. A man is sitting on the left of the giant screen with a laptop. He also has a heart in his speech bubble.

Process: How we do it

Our restaurant marketing team is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive analysis of key performance indicators and metrics in the restaurant industry.

We constantly conduct market research to ensure that we have accurate data-driven insights to guide our restaurant branding and marketing strategies and are focused on developing customised methods that will drive success for your restaurant.

We stay ahead of the latest industry trends and utilise advanced metrics to ensure that our solutions are effective and efficient. Our team is dedicated to helping your restaurant grow and succeed, with a focus on reaching the right audience to increase sales and revenue growth.

Restaurant Marketing Agency



Through information and data, we identify and prioritize all of the goals for our desired outcome. Then, we plan your strategy and content calendar based on these goals.

  • Content Calendar

  • Strategy


We create content for blogs, landing pages and social media channels to drive results. We'll create both written and visual content that matches your brand, audience and strategy. 


  • Copy Writing

  • Graphic Design

  • Professional Photography

  • Video Production

Now that we have created your strategy and content, it's time to deliver! We deliver them on the best channels and make sure the message is heard loud, clear and often!

  • Google Ads

  • Google Business Profile

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Tripadvisor

  • Yell

  • Yelp


The analysis is the best yet trickiest bit; that's because you need to do it right. After delivering your ads, we continuously follow the results of your ads and compare them to previous versions that you have run; to see if they will reach your goals.


  • Google Ads

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Ads

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Klipfolio

  • Brightlocal

  • SEMRush

Now that we have looked at all the data and information, we can identify what points weren't meeting our goals. Then we can make changes, tweaks, and upgrades to our strategy so that it will improve.

  • Update Ads

  • Update Content

  • Update Strategy

Full Restaurant Marketing Service

We incorporate the latest technology in all our services, which will help to provide a better customer experience and further increase your businesses growth.

Our team is committed to providing a top-notch service and support to help your restaurant achieve its business goals. With our help, you can rest assured that your restaurant will achieve the success it deserves.

Social media Advertising

Our creative team of experts in social media advertising can help elevate your brand through effective restaurant social media marketing campaigns. We understand that advertising can be a significant investment, and that's why we provide consulting services to ensure that your ideas align with your brand and reach your target social media audience well.

Our team creates engaging ad campaigns that provide measurable results for clients. As a restaurant marketing agency we pride ourselves on our exceptional client services, ensuring that your investment in advertising is well worth it.


At our restaurant marketing agency we plan a tailored strategy to increase your sales and deliver success through search engine optimisation (SEO). By using creative and cutting-edge technology, we develop solutions that aim to drive traffic and build a strong customer database.

Our team of experts also focus on web design and cost-effective methods to give our clients the best service and solutions by working with you to develop a tailored plan that utilises all available resources to reach your target audience and grow your business.

Google Ads

At our restaurant marketing agency we specialise in constructing a strategy for google ads that deliver results. From managing the account to creating ad campaigns, we provide a comprehensive service that targets the right audience and increases online orders and bookings.

By utilising cutting-edge technology, and sector-specific knowledge, we optimise your website to achieve the best performance and ROI. We are committed to delivering great service for our clients to help them grow their business.

Strategy development

We develop a plan tailored to your business and outline the necessary steps to reach your goals using data and strategy.

Implementation of the strategy

We come to you with suitable plans for social media, email marketing, branding strategies, and advertising campaigns focused on increasing your sales growth and delivering results.

When you agree to the plan, we will start working on your restaurant's marketing.

Usually, it takes a minimum of 3 months to see the effects of our restaurant marketing efforts in service.

Reporting & Tracking

We evaluate ad campaigns to ensure optimal performance to help you attain your business goals using tools like SEMRush, BrightLocal and Google analytics.

  • How do restaurants do marketing?
    Restaurants use different methods to let people know about their business and attract customers, like managing advertising campaigns. One way is by having an online presence through a website where people can learn about the menu, services, and special offers. Restaurants also build marketing campaigns through different channels like social media, email, and search engines. They can reach more people and tell them about the restaurant. Additionally, they can use tools like Google Analytics to see how well their marketing campaigns work and make changes to improve the results. This can all be done by the restaurant owner or a special agency that helps restaurants with their online presence in the UK. We would not advise an other company that does not specialise in Restaurants.
  • How do restaurants create a marketing plan?
    Developing a plan to advertise a restaurant is a process that involves several steps. The first step is to think about what makes the restaurant's food special and different from others. This can be used to produce a message or a reason why people should choose your restaurant. The step after is to figure out who the restaurant's target customers are and how they like to look for places to eat. This includes where they look for information, how often they eat out, and where they prefer to go. Another step is to have a website that shows the menu, deals and products; this can help attract customers. Lastly, some restaurants hire a company that specialises in a range of solutions making sure the restaurant has a strong online presence, like having a good site and can help create and launch marketing campaigns. They will work closely with the restaurant to make sure the campaigns align with their goals and budget and use tools like social media, email and search engines to promote the restaurant and increase website traffic.
  • What is direct marketing for restaurant?
    Direct marketing for restaurants is a way of reaching potential customers using methods like email, phone, direct mail or text messages. The goal is to increase customers, repeat business, sales and deliver results. Restaurants can personalise offers, create loyalty programs, and provide incentives for online ordering. They can also build a customer database to construct targeted campaigns. By focusing on specific audiences, restaurants can get a better return on investment. Many UK restaurants use direct marketing to stand out from others and improve their reputation and brand image. It can be done by a restaurant marketing agency or by the restaurant itself.
  • What's the marketing mix for a restaurant?
    The restaurant marketing mix is a set of tools that a restaurant can use to market its business. It's made up of 4 parts: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Product refers to the restaurant's food and drinks menu, including the unique things that make it special. Price is how much the restaurant charges for its menu items and any special deals or promotions. The place is the location of the restaurant, both the physical location and its online presence like its site. Promotion is how the restaurant advertises and brands itself and lets people know about it through advertising, deals, and social media marketing. By managing the marketing mix well, a restaurant can reach the right customers and stand out from other restaurants. This can be done by a marketing agency or by the restaurant itself.
  • Should I pay someone to do SEO?
    You need a company that can help you find lasting success. Most SEO work is based on creating long-lasting success and value.
  • What is Restaurant Marketing?
    Restaurant Marketing is the process of introducing your restaurant. It is a great way to get the word out about your brand and communicate its value to the public. No matter how good your service and your food are, if no one knows about it, they cannot prefer your business. By sending a right and consistent message to the right target audience, you make sure your marketing efforts won't go to waste.
  • What Does A Restaurant Marketer Do?
    Whether you're an experienced restaurant owner or just starting to get your feet wet, a marketer's job is to understand you and your business entirely. Then, create and apply online marketing strategies as well as the correct type of restaurant branding to help you achieve your goals. We'll work with you one-on-one to develop a system that fits your unique needs—and then we'll execute that plan!
  • What's the Best Strategy for Restaurants?
    Many strategies can be great for your restaurant business; Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Google ads etc. It all depends on the details, like your restaurant's location or audience. A tailored campaign strategy needs to be created with your business details in mind; as a marketing agency for restaurants, that is what we do.
  • Attracting clients to your restaurant
    You can't build a house on top of a swamp and expect it to last. The same goes for your restaurant business—you need a solid foundation before adding rooms and amenities. That foundation comes from good reviews, which are essential to attracting new customers and the quality of your restaurant brand.
  • What is a restaurant marketing plan?
    A restaurant marketing plan is a strategy for promoting your restaurant and its services through various forms of advertising and marketing, like Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns. The goal of a marketing plan is to help your restaurant's brand stand out and attract customers, while also making sure you're using your money and resources in the most effective and creative ways. By having a marketing plan, you can make sure you're sending a right and consistent message about your restaurant to the public and get the most out of your marketing efforts.
  • What are the marketing channels for a restaurant?
    Some popular options to reach potential clients include: Google Ads: This is a platform that lets you pay to place ads on Google search results pages and other websites. Facebook: This social media site allows you to create pages and advertise to their targeted audience. Website development: A good website can help restaurants show off their services and attract different customers. Advertising campaigns: This can be things like print ads, TV commercials, or radio ads to promote a restaurant's brand and services. Launching events: Hosting a special event or promotion can help bring in customers and get people talking about the restaurant. Marketing solutions: There are companies that offer marketing services and solutions for restaurants, such as Quarx Digital. These services can include things like social media management; on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pay-per-click advertising; Google advertising, Facebook ads and e-mail marketing.
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